Jeff H.

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From the young age of 13, Jeff started listening to metal music and fell in love. From the loud guitars, to the banging drums and screeching vocals, there was just something about metal music that resonated in his soul.

From that first cassette tape, his collection grew larger over the following years.

Now, many years later his collection is still growing. From the garage bands of the 80’s to the major bands of today.

Jeff not only has a passion for metal but a lot of other genres of music as well. From rock to rap, country to hick hop Jeff has a large variety of music in his collection.

Now fast forward to 2019, Dj Scottie and Rich Archer have given Jeff the opportunity to host the Iron Jukebox show.

Jeff’s story is not over and the journey is far from over.

JeffHolzhausen - Jeff H.