Talent or Manager Contact

Just 4 Fun is a great way to gain exposure and engage a new audience, whether you are a musician, an author, a professional wrestler, or a manager for any talents.

Our station has actually had all of the above on our show at various times. Obviously, musicians are our first love, and we will do all we can to help promote great music and the artists who produce it, but we have also had excellent on-air interviews with novel-writing authors, politicians, professional wrestlers, and entertainers of quite a few types.

As a talent yourself, or perhaps a talent manager, what do you have to lose? We will try and set up a booking for you, ask the questions YOU want your fans to hear answered, and showcase you and your website and social media and more!

We are called Just 4 Fun for many reasons, but one of those is that we want our audience entertained, just like you do! Let’s help each other accomplish just that!