Just 4 Fun Radio Morning Mayhem

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DJ Scottie and the Fun Crew! Coming at you LIVE from 7:30am-10:30am every weekday!

We’re trying to save the world, one smile at a time! We’re doing it Just 4 Fun!

Our Morning Mayhem show is designed to inform you and entertain you, but our main goal is to make you laugh…We want you laughing so hard it hurts a little. We want to make your face sore! We want your eyes tearing up!

With Just 4 Fun, you are part of the show, maybe more than with any other radio station! We want to hear from you, we want to say Good Morning! We want our audience to be part of our dysfunctional, functional family!

Our morning antics go down well with coffee, Red Bull, and lighting your farts, so if you do any of those things in the morning, you’re the perfect listener!

Listen, it’s a no-brainer…You’re in your car, on a bus, it really doesn’t matter where…On your way to work, waking up the kids, if you can use our app or have access to the internet, you can listen in! When we say anywhere, we mean…You can listen to Just 4 Fun Radio anywhere in the world, or even in Near Earth Orbit! (Okay, we wouldn’t suggest you crank the volume if you happen to be in North Korea!)

In America, it’s your constitutional right to speak freely, and except for a few weird places on the planet, the same is true for the internet. We want you to speak freely, do it with us! And do it Just 4 Fun!

The Just4Fun Morning Mayhem Fun Crew!

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The Guru Himself
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Jeffrey "Mad Dog" Kooken
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Redneck Steph
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Tina Jean

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