The ACE up your sleeve!

ACE is short for “Artistic & Creative Endeavors” and is your one-stop shop for graphics, design, web and social media administration. ACE started as a community of artists, musicians, painters, writers, and more. If there’s a service in the arts you DON’T see listed here, I bet we can find someone who CAN help you!

ACE does graphics and design: Logos, photo manipulations, posters, t-shirts, stickers, books, letterheads, and the list goes on. We also design and webmaster all sorts of websites! ACE has worked in WordPress, Joomla, NukeEvo, phpBB, MyBB, Coppermine, and lots of other CMS packages and deployments!

ACE does video: Commercials, teasers, special effects logo reveals, youtube ID promos, and more!

ACE does social media: ACE is a Facebook developer, currently administrates several Facebook accounts, multiple Youtube accounts, multiple Twitter accounts, as well as accounts on such sites as Instagram, Mixcloud, and more!

ACE webmasters popular websites! ACE designed and powers this very website! If you see ANYTHING here that interests you for your own needs, please get in touch! If you’re looking for internet hosting, please talk to us! Don’t go with the first hosting company you see!

Here’s the most important thing: ACE isn’t a huge design and consulting company with offices everywhere, and investors and stockholders. We don’t charge corporate rates. A regular person who wants a small website or just a logo, or any service we provide will find that we are wonderfully affordable, just ask!

In fact, in some cases, our services could be free. What if we told you that we could design a t-shirt for your charity, or event, that we would handle all ordering and shipping, and other than our fee for the work, you reap all the proceeds?

Please have a look at ACE’s 2017 “Demo Reel”: