Rich Archer

Just4Fun - Station & Talent Manager

Rich Archer

C.E.O. – Total Entertainment Management

General Manager of the Cochran Road Band, Savannah Webb, the Savannah Webb Band, The Stonewall Willie Band and

Rich is a United States Navy Veteran who served 12 years in the Aviation Ordnance Field. He is a published author with 3 works registered with the United States Library of Congress. His books are titled: Sharpshooter,” “Sharpshooter Chasing Whispers and a book of short stories, “Six from the Hip”.

Rich currently works for National Coating Supplies ‘Single Source Division’ as a Route Truck Manager.

Rich is married to Sherry Archer and has 1 daughter, Anastasia Rose.

Rich has been working with for multiple years and was made station manager in 2016.

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