The Biotchin’ Basket

Let’s face it, we all need to vent, we all need a place to biotch, a place to let loose a scream of rage and say “F You!” to something, someone, or just a circumstance we find outselves in.

This page is for EXACTLY that! You can leave funny observations, one-liner jokes, or just plain gripes about whatever you like!

This page will be HEAVILY MONITORED, please try and keep it more true and funny, and a little less personal, if you please.

The form has a place for your name, email, and website. You do NOT have to fill these out, or you can make up a name if you wish. Give it a try, and Happy Biotchin'!

To be VERY clear...The Biotch Basket is the old FU Line from an old Atlanta station, reborn. We want FUNNY, WITTY, SARCASTIC one-liners and complaints, not general whines about your life, gossip, or cat-fighting drama. Please have fun with this, rather than misusing it.