We want to know what YOU think!

image 11 - We want to know what YOU think!

As our next ‘giveaway’, Just4Fun is asking our listeners to complete a very short, 13-question survey! We will need you to use your name and email because the survey will send you a link through your valid email address. We’re doing this for security purposes, so we can contact you if you win, and to […]

Win a Just4Fun T-Shirt!

image 11 - Win a Just4Fun T-Shirt!

Let’s ring in the new year the right way! By winning a Just4FunRadio.com t-shirt! This contest runs until Monday, January 8, 2018 at 9:30am! (When we will do our best to announce the winner on air, if everything works right!) It’s easy to enter, and there is more than one way to enter, so…Invite your […]

Thanks for the great response!

image 11 - Thanks for the great response!

Thank you to our fan family for the great response to the new website! We are really happy to see people visiting and using it! And we plan on constantly adding new and cool things to keep it interesting! This post is, in part, a test of our new contests system. There isn’t a prize, […]

New Website!

cropped image 11 - New Website!

“The Morning Show” LISTEN LIVE!!!!!! Monday – Friday Mornings @ 7:30 – 10:30 am With DJ Scottie & The Fun Crew www.just4funradio.com Just4Fun, DJScottie, and the Fun Crew would like to welcome you to the new website! We hope you’ll take a look around and locate all of the cool interactivity we’ve prepared for you! […]