“The Morning Show”
LISTEN LIVE!!!!!! Monday – Friday Mornings @ 7:30 – 10:30 am With DJ Scottie & The Fun Crew

Just4Fun, DJScottie, and the Fun Crew would like to welcome you to the new website! We hope you’ll take a look around and locate all of the cool interactivity we’ve prepared for you!

The site has it’s own social media feed, which includes the ability to share photos, videos, and links. It has friends, private messaging, and everything else you might expect from other Social Media outlets! We also have a full-featured forum where you can start discussions, ask questions, and more.

We have even more that hasn’t been mentioned, but rather than give it all away, we’ll just let you discover it for yourself!

We hope you’ll spend more time on our site than on Facebook, and that you’ll use the site to keep in close contact with all of our personalities! If there’s anything we can do to improve the experience, or in your mind, make the site even better for visitors, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

Thank you for being loyal fans, friends, family, sponsors, contributors, and callers for more than seven years now! It would be Just4Fun without YOU!

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