Just4Fun wants you entertained! This is our current shows list, just click on any of these to visit it’s page for more information!

Morning Mayhem with DJ Scottie and the Fun Crew! We’ll inform you! We’ll make you laugh! We might make you cry!

We do interviews, keep up on current events, and rant about the stuff that drives us crazy!

Come and have a Good Morning with us!

Join AJtheDJ as he spins music and fills you in on some of the backstory of the music you love! Sometimes shows have themes, but you can always request anything, including an entire show’s Mixtape!

You may hear music you’ve never heard of, or learn things about music you have that you never knew! We try to tell you what songs meant to the artists who recorded them.

Come along for the ride as we play all of the metal you grew up with! Hair metal, glam metal, nuMetal, speed metal, thrash metal! If it has screaming guitars and hard-knocking drums, we probably play it!

This is how you jam on a Friday night!